Classics to the Classroom

The Cape Community Orchestra brings free concerts every year to the children in our local communities. Using music that appeals to a young audience, we encourage the students to listen and appreciate the music and the musicians.
Each year approximately 100 students attend these concerts; for many, it is their first experience hearing live music. Our thanks go to the faculty and administration for facilitating these educational and musical experiences.
The orchestra musicians enjoy being a part of this program and many take a day off from work in order to participate. After the programs, the performers meet for lunch – a good time to spend with the group after a great day with the students.

Recent Classic to the Classroom Concerts

2020: Oak Ridge School, Sandwich, grades 3 and 4
2019: Chatham Elementary and Eastham Elementary Schools
2018: Stonybrook Elementary, Brewster, and Harwich Elementary Schools
Thank you letters from students.

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