School Outreach

Classics to the Classroom Program

The Cape Community Orchestra brings free concerts every year to the children of our local communities. Using music that appeals to a young audience, we are able to engage students and engender the enjoyment of classical music. Each year approximately 100 students attend these concerts; for many, it is their first experience with live music. Our thanks go to the school teachers and administrators for facilitating this educational and musical experience.

The orchestra musicians enjoy being a part of this program and many take a day off from work in order to participate. After the programs the performers spend time together for lunch where the main topic of discussion is usually how the concert went and what a great audience the students are.

Recent Outreach Concerts

2020: Oak Ridge School, Sandwich, grades 3 and 4

2019: Chatham Elementary and Eastham Elementary Schools

2018: Stonybrook Elementary, Brewster, and Harwich Elementary Schools